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Question by elma
May 6, 2016

I made some recordings with Amolto, but when I played them back they were silent. What can I do?

Answer by Sean Hill

You've probably configured the recording input settings in a wrong way. For most of the new sound cards, a new component needs to be enabled in the Recording tab. That component is called Stereo Mix. Right click the sound icon on the system tray, then go to Recording. Right click inside the components area and select Show Disabled Devices. The Stereo Mix should appear. If it doesn't then it means you will need a new driver for your sound card.

It should look like this:

Click to viewenter image description here

Once it's enabled, start Amolto Call Recorder and select Stereo Mix as input tool.

Question by Guest
July 1, 2014

I received an error message after I finished a call that I recorded and no file was saved. Is there any way to restore the file from the temp folder or any other way to restore the file?

Answer by Robert Polubinski

Unfortunately, the application saves the file while recording in a temporary one until the call has ended and then places it on the specified path. However, if the file was not saved, this means that the temporary file was deleted. The temporary file exists as long as the call is active then is renamed and copied. If there was an error, the temporary file was also deleted.

Answer by Mary Nett

Open Amolto Call Recorder and select the Settings button from its interface . After that select Recording Rule and where you see Action for incoming Skype calls select Do nothing. You can do the same action as well as for outgoing calls. Also, you can define custom actions for each Skype contact using Exception list.

Answer by Aiden McLeod

You can disable this option via the Options menu under General tab. Check the image below to see the location of the setting that needs to be disabled.

Click to viewenter image description here

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