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Amolto Call Recorder 2.4.1

Amolto Call Recorder is a tool for recording your Skype conversations
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Skype is a popular chat and VoIP client that comes packed with a lot of handy features and options. Even so, it still lacks functions that some people might need, such as a call recording feature. That’s why applications like Amolto Call Recorder have been developed. Amolto Call Recorder allows you to easily record your Skype conversation. It actually works with other VoIP tools as well, but it’s meant to be used for recording Skype calls and that’s when it works at its best.

Amolto Call Recorder comes packed with plenty of useful features and functions. For example, it can record without losing quality and create high-quality sound files of your Skype calls. The recorded calls are saved as MP3 files, which are supported by a lot of players, devices and applications since MP3 is a very popular format. Unfortunately, saving to other file formats is not possible.

This handy tool comes with a neat recording history management panel that lets you view and organize all the recordings. It also lets you edit the tags of the recorded MP3 files, making it easy to distinguish among them and later organize them.

The basic version of Amolto Call Recorder is free, but there’s also a more powerful, advanced version, called Premium, that offers additional features like support for video recording, yet it also comes with a price tag.

To sum it all up, Amolto Call Recorder is a nice Skype call recorder that offers interesting additional features and doesn’t reveal any remarkable downsides or flaws. As a result, it gets my recommendation.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Easy-to-use
  • Keeps a history of the recorded calls and lets you manage and organize the recordings
  • Lets you edit the tags of the recorded MP3 files


  • Can save only to MP3 files
  • Some features are available only in the non-free Premium version
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